NON STOP _ 2015 Regarded as “one of the best dance shows of 2015” by the newspaper O Globo, Non Stop seeks metaphors for the movement. The scenes unfold endlessly throughout the 50 minutes of the spectacle that draws the robotic style of urban dances like Popping and Break. Almost an hour of pure motion….


IN(in)TERRUPTO_2018 What are the pieces of gear that holds control over bodies and about life in our society today? The body, like a machine, is increasingly demanded, but if control was formerly exercised externally in a disciplinary society, it now yields more and more to internal pressures. The pressure for performance, the pressure for production,…


OLHO NU _ 2014 OLHO NÚ (Naked Eye) is the last part of a trilogy of shows of the Hybrid Company that proposes a discussion about hip-hop and fragility. The work focuses on a reflection on the bodies of the interpreters of urban dances, whose most frequent role is to entertain and meet public expectations….


MOTO SENSÍVEL _ 2013 MOTO SENSÍVEL (Sensitive Moto) is the second part of the trilogy started with “Estéreos Tipos”, which researches the theme “Hip Hop and Fragility”. Three points formed and deepened the research base for the scene: the use of gesture in Hip Hop culture; repetition as the basis for transformation and corruption of…


ESTÉREO TIPOS _ 2010 Estéreos Tipos focuses on the different relationships (market, power, gender) that involve the Hip Hop culture. Through humorous criticism, some myths and clichés of culture are questioned, such as the myth of man as the center of power and of woman as the object of consumption. Leaving the ideological field and…